Creative Dollhouse Furniture

Creative Dollhouse Furniture

In the 1:12 scale world anyone can be an expert carpenter. With a little imagination, it’s possible to make some pretty believable dollhouse furniture. No big budget is required. Just use found objects and creativity! Here are a couple of ideas to get you going!

Make Your Own Stools

Create dollhouse seating using bottle caps!
  • Cut a piece of fabric an inch larger in circumference than the bottle cap.
  • Use batting or a piece of cotton ball to create a little padding, place it on top of the bottle cap.
  • Wrap the bottle cap with the fabric and glue the fabric to the bottom of the bottle cap tightly cutting off any excess.
  • Glue matchsticks or wire to the bottom to create the stools legs.

Create a Swimming pool

Children’s plastic bangle bracelets make the perfect miniature pool.
  • Stack and glue three bracelets together.
  • Print out a rippled water texture and cut in a circle to fit, and
  • Glue to the bottom of the last bracelet.

DIY Drawer table

Make a drawer table with two matchboxes.
  • Take two matchboxes and glue them on top of each other. The sliding sections will act as the drawers.
  • Paint or print a wood grain texture on heavy paper.
  • Cut a piece to wrap around the stacked matchboxes and glue.
  • Cut out smaller pieces of the wood grain for the drawer fronts and one larger piece for the back.
  • Add drawer pull knobs by gluing beads to the drawer fronts.
  • You can also glue beads to the bottom four corners to make feet for the piece.

Simple Lamp Project

Toothpaste caps make the perfect lampshades! You can paint them or cover them in fabric. Then simply use wire and beads to create the base.