Decking Tiny Halls

Decking Tiny Halls

We all love the sparkling lights adorning our homes during the holidays! But we don’t always love braving the cold and climbing up ladders to put them up. It’s so much more fun to stay warm inside and decorate the tiny halls of miniature displays and holiday villages. Whether it’s a miniature house or holiday village, there are unlimited ways to spruce them up for the season. There are plenty of ready-made items on the market, but with a little creativity, you can create your own holiday village accents. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Water Accents

Use blue and white paint to create rivers and ponds. Place tiny pebbles at the edges of the “water” and put a small amount of white paint on the pebble tops to look like fallen snow.

Wired Tinsel Trees

Use wired ribbon, trim, or a pipe cleaner. Wind it around in a spiral to look like a tree. Wind it into a small point at the top, while keeping a larger base at the bottom. Glue different size sequins to the tree to act as lights. You can make these in different sizes and colors to place throughout your scene, dollhouse, or holiday village. 

Elevations to Holiday Villages

Use multiple boards to break your village into different scenes. For each scene have the board base at staggered levels. Find items of various heights to put under the boards (i.e., one board may have four-gallon sized paint cans underneath it, while another board may have four-quart sized paint cans). Use a white sheet to cover the boards to look like snowy ground cover.