Pumpkin Carving Like a Pro

Pumpkin Carving Like a Pro

Use your carving skills for the holidays, and become a master pumpkin carver! Your woodworking tools will cut pumpkins like butter, and you will be the envy of the neighborhood with the intricate designs and effects you can create.

Your first step is to pick the perfect pumpkin with which to carve from. Make sure you pick an unbruised pumpkin with even color tone that is big enough to carve your design out of. Ensure that it sits straight up, and avoid carrying it by its stem.

After you have picked out the perfect pumpkin, prep it for carving. Cut out a circle from the top with the stem and scrape and discard the innards of the pumpkin. Next, plan out your design on paper. Once you have your perfect design, you will need to transfer that onto the front of your pumpkin. First tape your paper design right on the front of your pumpkin. Using the tip of your XACTO knife, poke small holes or slits into your pumpkin through the paper, no more than 1/4" apart  to create a guideline to work with. You are ready to start pumpkin carving! Just as in wood, you can create dimension and layers by how far you carve into your pumpkin. The one major thing to consider when working with a pumpkin vs. wood is that you will have the added effect of light and glow to accentuate your carved design. You don't have to carve all the way through to the center to achieve a cool effect.

The keyhole saw blade will work best when trying to cut large cuts all the way through the pumpkin. Try your carving blades or craft swivel blade to get really intricate details. Get creative with your v and u shaped blades as well from your carving set. The biggest tip in all of these steps is to take your time and make small slow cuts. Your pumpkin is going to be more delicate to work with than wood, so keep that in mind while pumpkin carving.

Once you are done with your pumpkin carving, preserve it as long as you can by keeping your cuts moist. You can try applying some petroleum jelly along the cut edges, or spray your pumpkin periodically with water to prevent it from drying out. And, once you illuminate your pumpkin, your master pumpkin carving will certainly come to life.