Spoon up Your Next Carving

Spoon up Your Next Carving

Wooden spoon making has a history that is centuries old. The wooden spoon has been around since people realized they could carve into wood. They can be intricately carved or strictly utilitarian, and it is such a versatile tool. There is definitely an art to wooden spoon making, and it can be a very satisfying carving project that can be given as a gift, or used for years to come.

To begin wooden spoon making, start by choosing the proper wood. Make sure that it is a non-toxic wood, and not aromatic like cedar if it is to be used in a kitchen. Cherry wood is a good choice. The shape of the spoon actually begins as a flat long rectangular shape. Pencil in your spoon shape onto a rectangular piece of wood and start carving, cutting away the basic shape first, and then using a variety of woodworking tools to refine.

A couple things to consider when carving your spoon shape are not to make the spoon well too deep, and not to make the spoon handle too thin or weak. Take care to make the spoon well is the same depth on the sides as on the bottom of the spoon. A gouge tool will work best to carve out the spoon well.

You can choose to make the handle as intricate or simple as you choose. When you are happy with your carving, make sure to sand and let the wood dry completely before oiling. Use a food safe oil to seal. Olive oil is not recommended to seal wooden spoons, since it can tend to go rancid.

A well-used spoon can be resanded lightly and re-oiled to maintain it. A well-cared spoon can last many generations!