What's Your Sign?

What's Your Sign?

A great summer craft for kids is creating a camp twig sign. It is an inexpensive way to keep kids busy and connect with nature. This outdoor craft can start with a hike, where the children collect twigs, bark, acorns, and shells. Make sure to instruct them to only pick up fallen debris and not to take parts from living plants. Also, be sure to bring a large bag for carrying all of their treasures.

Make the Camp Sign

Once the children have collected the items from nature, you can return to the workspace. For your summer craft start with a plywood base, or a piece of scrap material like cardboard. This will be the background of the sign. The kids can use paint to color it.  Then they can plan out what they want their sign to say.  They can simply spell the word "camp" or they can get creative and choose words from nature.

Using a pencil, have the children write out the letters of their chosen word on their painted board. This will give them a guide for where their twigs will go.

Next, have them pick pieces of twigs that fit along their pencil lines. Help them break larger twigs into smaller pieces to work around curves. Then use Elmer's craft glue to adhere the twigs. They can use their remaining items to create decorative borders.

A Fun and Easy Summer Project

This is a fun and easy summer craft project that has loads of possibilities. Use the opportunity for a lesson about nature, recycling, and lettering. The final product is a great keepsake–perfect for a backyard sleep over, a bedroom door, or a family camping trip.